Thursday, December 16, 2010

With the right machine tool financing into the future

Machine tools are capital-intensive capital goods, the financing for small and medium-sized companies do not always easy to achieve. Even more difficult it can be to convince funding issues at the bank of the benefits and the need for a new high-tech machine. Thus, in the most recent company survey of 4,600 companies KfW gave at least 42 percent, is difficult to get loans. It is just now a maximum competitiveness and the use of rationalization potential through leading technologies important than ever.

With the help MG Finance Gildemeister, Mori Seiki and Mitsui & Co. Ltd.. their customers for possible credit crunch. Gildemeister and Mori Seiki respectively to 33% of MG Finance GmbH, which Mitsui & Co. Ltd.., One of the largest trading companies in Japan, holds the remaining 34%. With its headquarters in Dusseldorf, the financing is guaranteed by €.

"The aim of MG Finance GmbH is to support our customers through attractive, individual financing models on the way to a successful future. With the knowledge of our machines and the applications of the clients we are able to offer the right machine tools with the appropriate financing offer from one source, "it says in Bielefeld. MG Finance here is open to the corporate client's situation and offers to lease to lease to rent a used machine with a compatible model, the opportunity, even for contracts with unexpected demands on the production, short-term act to be with the right machine.

Protection system protects the motor spindle against collision damage


A spindle motor protection system interrupts the power flow of the spindle motor due to a collision-induced overload and protects the shock-sensitive components. The protective device includes a double flange with a permanent magnet that applies the adhesive force at the separation point.
In metal cutting machine tools perform violent collisions between the travel axis and the collision object of substantial property damage. SO 70% of machine failures with long downtime and high repair costs caused by collisions. Mainly affected components are the spindle nut drive and the motor spindle dar.

Taiwan's machine tools worldwide on the offensive

China needs machine tools, Taiwan provides them. In the next five years there will be machinery worth 6.5 billion U.S. dollars. The equivalent in value to almost every third exported machine tools. The reason for this optimistic forecast of the Research Institute ITRI in Taipei is the free trade agreement between Taiwan and China ECFA, the middle of this year was signed.
Taitra President Yuen-C. Chao and Tami Representative David Chuang: The free trade agreement with China, Taiwan is made even more attractive.

"It is Taiwan's machine tools for the Chinese market even more attractive," says Yuen-Chuan Chao, President of Taitra, Taiwan External Trade Development Organization for sure. Together with David Chuang, vice chairman of the department of mechanical engineering machine tools in the Taiwanese Association Tami presented, Chao recently introduced an important result of the trade agreement: To TIMTOS 2011, the 15th international machine tool exhibition in Taipei, from 1 to 6 Held in March have 920 exhibitors already confirmed their participation - a record level.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

cnc machine tools

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

on machine tools

This blog is going to be about machine tools like lathes, mills, drills etc.